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National Specialty

Show Committee || Video ||Past Results || Procedure Manual

The ASSA National is the club’s annual week-long specialty event. The National is held each spring in a different region of the country and includes conformation, obedience, rally, agility, and herding competitions in addition to educational events. It is also a celebration, as up to 1,000 Shelties with their owners, breeders and friends come together for the once-a-year event.

Videos of the National’s conformation classes are available for purchase, see bottom of this page for information. In addition, ASSA members and member clubs can borrow them from ASSA’s film library.

ASSA National Show Committee

Committee Name Phone
National Show Chairman

Rita Von Pusch


Asst. National Show Chairman Keith Kozakiewiz 602-254-2328
Asst. National Show Chairman Heidi Jacobson 608-354-3407
Best All Round Sheltie Kara Kolster 804-517-6002
Catalog Advertising Carolyn Ing 978-371-1195
Catalog Sales Barbara Aulbach 503-543-7556
Chief Ring Steward Marjorie Tuff 732-780-0942
Event Coordinator Jane Howard 312-226-6929
Grooming Area Keith Kozakiewiz 602-254-2328
Health Clinic Glenda Henson 303-808-5244
Hotel Liaison Donald Miller 301-299-2586
Judges Education Glenda Henson 303-808-5244
Judges Gifts

Bob Olsen
Holly Hatcher


Judges Hospitality Joy Bass 214-679-9879
Junior Handler Events Becky Johnson


Parade of Rescued Performance Dogs Barbara Edelberg 801-942-4762
Parade of Veterans Heidi Jacobson 608-354-3407
Parade of Winners Liz Bianchi 757-436-4868
Preferred Seating Keith Kozakiewiz 602-254-2328
Raffles Doug Mock 804-790-1750
Ringside Education Sandra McCambridge 503-366-6262
RV Parking Coordinators

David Calderwood

Show Announcer

Liz Bianchi

Show Announcer Information Julie Iverson 724-941-6873
Show Treasurer Ursula Dudek 256-820-6292
Symposium Cindy Wilson 360-733-6910
Top 20 Competition Al Bianchi 757-436-4868
Trophies & Ribbons Stephanie Trautman-Riley 954-242-1223
Trophy Solicitation Irene Munsey 813-986-4711
Vendors Kathy Kozakiewicz 602-254-2328
Welcome Party Cay Ireland 919-455-7550
Webmaster Jen Milani 302-235-8460

ASSA National Trials Committee

Committee Name Phone
National Performance Trial Chairman Nancy Craig 951-776-0108
Assistant Performance Trial Chairman Janita Jaster 903-520-2238
ASSA Agility Trial Chairman Janita Jaster 903-520-2238
ASSA Western Regional Herding Chairman Kathy Rosdail 810-582-5156
ASSA Western Regional Obedience/Rally Chairman Linda Bianco 707-514-7972
Trial Secretary Ginger Sammonds 970 -310-6302
Catalog Advertising Trudy Kerr 510-352-1273
Parade of Rescued Performance Dogs Barbara Edelberg 801-942-4762
Performance Treasurer Nancy Craig 951-776-0108
Trophy Solicitation Jim Melton 801-942-4762


Show Dog Video Pros

Irvin B Krukenkamp, MD
 40 Junction Road
South Berwick, ME  03908

Contact Videographer directly to purchase online video streaming



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