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Finding a Sheltie breeder

Click on your state to find ASSA Sheltie breeders near you. These contacts will also be happy to answer any breed-related questions you might have.

The breed information chair is Barbara Aulbach. Contact Barbara if you live in an area where there are no local contacts.

For corrections to the breeder's listing, please send the changes to: breederlistings[at]

Please Note: This service does not represent a recommendation by the ASSA of the breeder or his or her animals. The ASSA makes no representation or warranty (and specifically disclaims any representation or warranty) as to the listed breeders, including, without limitation, their background, experience or ability, financial condition, business practices, integrity, prior complaint history, or otherwise, or with respect to the availability for sale, terms of sale, merchantability, fitness for purpose, pedigree or other qualification for AKC registration, health, temperament or quality of any Shetland Sheepdog or other animal sold.

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