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ASSA awards

Achievement Awards || Versatility || Medallions || Awards lists

Achievement awards

ASSA gives special recognition to its members who earn advanced AKC titles or achieve the following:

  • Best in Show (20 all-breed show wins for dogs, 7 for bitches)
  • Breeder of Most Champions
  • Century Club (100 or more Best of Breed awards)
  • Register of Merit
    • Sires who have produced 10 or more breed champions
    • Dams who have produced 5 or more breed champions
  • Top-producing sire and dam for the calendar year
  • Champion/Utility Dog
  • Championships in multiple venues
  • Herding High in Trial (5 or more)
  • Obedience High in Trial (20 or more)
  • First 200 score in obedience

Each year, recipients are awarded pins, sterling silver spoons, medallions or certificates, and the awards are published in the Bulletin Board (ASSA’s quarterly newsletter), the catalog of the national specialty show, the ASSA website, and the ASSA Handbook. See the list of the above awards at the bottom of this page.

There are also two additional special achievement awards that require the nomination of candidates by the membership:

    • AKC Sportsmanship Award  click here for a list of recipients
    • ASSA Outstanding Service Award  click here of a list of recipents

For more information on qualification requirements as well as application forms, go to the Members only pages or refer to the ASSA Bulletin Board. To receive an award or to nominate an ASSA member, you must submit the application form to the committee chair.

If you are making a nomination for the outstanding service award, submit the form to a board member.


ASSA gives special recognition to both members and non-members who earn titles in multiple AKC venues. For more information on qualification requirements, download the application form here. If you have any questions on versatility awards, contact Susan Bintliff, committee chair.

ASSA Medallions

Specialty wins carry particular significance for breeders and exhibitors. Specialties usually attract major entries, and the quality of entered dogs tends to be better than at all-breed shows. In addition, most specialty judges are breeder-judges who can appreciate and reward overall type as well as the more subtle qualities of the breed that are more difficult to achieve. For these reasons, ASSA offers medallions to its member clubs to commemorate specialty wins in conformation, obedience, and herding. ASSA medallions are available to member clubs and can be awarded for Winners Dog, Winners Bitch and specialty obedience and herding High in Trials.

Current cost is $25 per medallion,which includes shipping and insurance regardless of the number ordered

Order medallions from the ASSA treasurer, make check payable to ASSA, send to Merrylee Malanowski, 28608 W. Roberts Road, Barrington, IL 60016-7017 .

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